Curio shop
Albumen print (hand-coloured), 1860s
9/10; 266 x 277mm, mounted
Division of British Bluejackets in occupation of the battery at Shiminoseki, Japan
Albumen print, 1863
8/10; 217 x 278 mm, mounted

The war at Shimonoseki was fought between colonial powers and the feudal emperor of Chosu. To some extent this campaign lead to a historic opening of Japan to foreign influence. This is the most famous image of the war, often reproduced, but few original prints exist in good condition. This series represents Beato's earliest work in Japan.
Philipp, Siegert and Wick. Felice Beato. Viaggio in Giappone, 1991, illus. p. 136.
Fabric and kimono shop, Japan
Albumen print (hand-coloured), 1880s
Tonality- 9/10, minor edge fading; 204 x 258mm., mounted with view on verso
Giant Buddha, Kamakura, Japan
Albumen print, c. 1867
8-9/10; 203 x 266 mm, unmounted

Illustrated in Worswick's Japan. Photographs 1854-1905, 1979, p. 33.
High. St. Dunedin looking towards the bay, New Zealand
Albumen print, c. 1880
9/10; 145 x 200 mm, mounted

Charming photograph with boys posed in foreground against the sweeping backdrop of Dunedin Bay. Morris view of Queenstown on verso.
High. St. Dunedin, New Zealand
Albumen print, c. 1880s
7/10; 146 x 206 mm, mounted

The Museum grounds, Christchurch on verso.
Hot Springs, Ohinemutu, New Zealand
Albumen print, 1860s
Tonality- 8-9/10; 189 x 241 mm., mounted

Signed by the photographer in the negative.
Main Street, Kanagawa
Albumen print, 1860s
Tonality- 10/10; 206 x 288 mm., unmounted with accompanying loose printed text

Illustrated in Philipp et. al., Felice Beato. Viaggio in Giappone 1863-1877, 1991, p. 87.
Maori portrait
Albumen print, c. 1880
7-8/10; 91 x 60 mm, mounted

Carte de visite mounted on a thin mount.
Maoris. Taumaranui – King Country
Albumen print, c. 1870
9/10; 138 x 200 mm, mounted

Burton Bros. harvesting scene on verso.
Men dressed in ancient samurai armor
Albumen print (hand-coloured), 1870s
9/10, minor edge fading; 209 x 262 mm, mounted

A striking image in especially fine condition. Edge fading is not as bad as it appears in scan.
Street musicians
Albumen print (hand-coloured), c. 1860s
Tonality- 9-10/10; 254 x 204 mm., mounted

Illustrated in Philipp et. al., Felice Beato. Viaggio in Giappone 1863-1877, 1991, p. 175 (no. 4)
Tatooed man
Albumen print (hand-coloured), c. 1870s
9/10, some edge fading; 136 x 96 mm, mounted

Portrait of a Japanese groom with typical tatooing on his back.
Tonosawa- The Baths, Japan
Albumen print, 1860s
Tonality- 8-9/10; 245 x 307 mm., unmounted with accompanying Beato printed text
Two young women
Albumen print (hand-coloured), 1870s
Tonality- 9/10, minor edge fading; 269 x 208 mm., mounted, view on verso
Westerners posed before backdrop of Mt. Fuji
Albumen print, c. 1882
7-8/10; 230 x 187 mm, unmounted
Woman playing musical instrument
Albumen print (hand-coloured), 1870s
10/10; 207 x 261mm, mounted

An uncommon and haunting portrait. View of Mt. Fuji on verso.