'A Burmese girl at Rangoon'
Gelatin silver print, 1890s
Tonality- 10/10; 287 x 212 mm., unmounted
A Pepohoan Dwelling
Collotype, c. 1870s
10/10, some soiling to surround; 230 x 293 mm
Amoy Harbour
Collotype, c. 1870s
10/10; 143 x 302 mm
Banyan tree
Albumen print, c. 1870
9-10/10, very minor edge fading; 194 x 247 mm, unmounted

Pencil number 180 is written on verso. In Woodbury & Page's catalogue (see Wachlin, 1994, p. 203) this number is indicated to be 'Palace at Buitenzorg. Banyan tree.'
Canal from the Shameen Bridge, Canton
Albumen print, c. 1880s
9/10; 203 x 265 mm, unmounted

The crack seen in right top corner is in the original glass negative.
Chinese wheelbarrow
Albumen print, c. 1870
Tonality- 8-9/10, minor skinning (print professionally re-backed); 208 x 261 mm., unmounted

Saunders 1860s work was issued over a long period of time and often appears in 1880s albums but this is a relatively early print (BFK Rives watermark of 1870) with delicate hand-colouring.
Flower boat, Canton (?)
Albumen print, c. 1880
9/10; 214 x 276 mm, mounted

A flower boat in China was decorated by detailed carvings and was essentially a floating brothel.
Giant Statue of Rakassa at Singasari, Java
Albumen print, 1860s
Tonality- 9/10, minor edge fading; 246 x 195 mm., mounted on thin card

Illustrated in Wachlin, 'Woodbury & Page. Photographers of Java', 1994, p. 128.
Group of children, Methodists Episcopalian Mission School, Foochow
Albumen print, 1870s
8-9/10; 156 x 214, unmounted
Looking into a Garden, China
Albumen print, c. 1870
9-10/10; 190 x 240 mm, mounted
Manadarin graves and Camphorwood Tree, Foochow
Albumen print, c. 1870
7/10; 218 x 284 mm, unmounted

Afong Studio view probably from his first series of studies in Foochow. Titled in period writing on verso and labelled 'No. 86.'
Old Christian Cemetery and Convict Gaol from Fort Canning, Singapore
Albumen print, c. 1860
8-9/10; 243 x 351 mm, unmounted

In Toh's 'Singapore Through 19th Century Photographs', 2009, p. 118, this image (a print from the Raffles Hotel collection, cropped slightly more than ours) is attributed to 'possibly John Thomson'. We believe, however, that our attribution to Sachtler is correct.
Secretariat Lane in Batavia, Java
Albumen print, c. 1870
9-10/10; 193 x 247 mm, unmounted
Statuary, Java
Albumen print, c. 1870
10/10; 194 x 247 mm, unmounted
Tarter soldiers
Collotype, c. 1870s
10/10; 205 x 268 mm

Original sheet is cut down. Photographic image is perfect.
The British Consular Yamun, Canton
Collotype, 1870s
Tonality- 10/10; 228 x 276 mm., on larger sheet, cut-down, not affecting image

From Thomson's four volume 'Illustrations of China & Its People'.
Village in Bali
Gelatin silver print, 1910
10/10; 164 x 220, unmounted

Published by the Tosari studio.